Tour de Pologne 2020

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the issue is not that a downhill sprint is more likely to create crashes, but that it is very likely increases the damage done if there is a crash. Top speed today was likely 20kmh higher than many bunch sprints. That’s not really desirable.
I don't disagree with that but by that logic they should've never make that finish happen in the first place rather than suddenly come to a conclusion they need to drop it despite the fact that nothing dangerous has happened for 10 years.
i just putting in here now because i read he is some how ok..
i understand those who doesn't want to see it so i warn its horrible..
this is from a spectator at the finish and it does appear the helmet came off..

Ugh, I'm having flashbacks. My last race right before Covid stopped the racing ended in a huge pileup and 3 of us in the hospital. Yeah, I think I'm done with crits and bunch sprints.