Tour of Denmark 2019

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Dunne is a big rider indeed, not like Tolhoek :)

Despite the "big" names hometeam Riwal still looks like the strongest team though. Quaade wants to join Kamp in the protour next year and a win here should make that plan a lot easier.
I think there is 0% chance of Quaade stepping up and of him winning this race
... whereas Sunweb appears as the weakest among the bigger teams.
At least unless Vervaeke is suddenly in his best form again. But this will for sure also be Asbjörn Kraghs chance to show something, with S¨oren apparantly too tired .

I think there is 0% chance of Quaade stepping up and of him winning this race

Regarding Quaade I think 0 % is a little pessimistic for nr 2 last year. I would expect him to be one of the topfavourites this year perhaps being the guy with the best time trial of those that can do relatively well in the Vejle stage and now also having a very strong team. It will however be interesting to see how Kamp and him will cooperate.
I foresee a topic with little interest, just like the one for the Tour of Austria.

Van Aert won last year, rather easily. Obviously he won't be competing this year (he wasn't going to regardless of his injury).

Stage profiles (well, 3 out of 5) are on

More mountains than the Deutschland Tour... but damn I guess they would have needed to go to Austria again to create such demanding Profile.
How good or bad is Neilands' time trial ? He could be a good bet, considering his current shape and that the route is quite tailored for his skillset.
He is not awful but I dont think he is good enough. He did beat Saramotins in the national championship this year, but compared to Saramotins poor ride in the Euro Games it was not impressive. Also in 2017 Neilands did the GC in the Tour Of Portugal but was beaten by small climbers like Antunes in the reasonably flat final time trial. So even if he has improved he will lose aa lot of times to especially many of the danish contenders.

Finally Neilands looked in very good form also before last year, comming from a 3. place in Prueba Villafrance-Ordiziako Klassika a week before and only finished 68 in Denmark

But he should be able to do well and could perhaps surprise.
The favourites according to

**** * Koen Bouwman
**** Amund Grøndahl Jansen, Mads Würtz Schmidt
*** Tiesj Benoot, Mikkel Bjerg, Krists Neilands, Jasper De Buyst, Rasmus Quaade
** Ian Garrisson, Lasse Norman Hansen, Joao Rodrigues, Gustavo Cesar Veloso, Brent van Moer, Alexander Kamp, Emil Vinjebo, Jonas Vingegaard, Edgar Pinto, Bryan Coquard, Antwan Tolhoek, Maurits Lammertink, Markus Hoelgaard, Julius Johansen
* Pieter Weening, Amaury Capiot, Asbjørn Kragh Andersen, Joris Nieuwenhuis, Lois Vervaeke, Jonas Rickaert, Rasmus Guldhammer, Martin Toft Madsen, Anders Skaarseth, Antonio Carvalho, Jelle Vanendert, Pascal Eenkhoorn, Bjørn Tore Hoem, Huub Duijn, Johan Le Bon, Christoffer Lisson
Yeah, there’s no doubt about the writer’s (from knowledge of the sport and he definitely does him homework. But putting Bowman as the top favourite is very strange. Yeah, he is a better climber than most here and is a decent tt’er but there are lots of riders better suited to the terrain in Denmark and there are also better tt’ers who might survive Kiddesvej.
Nevermind that! WTF is Hurom doing? In fact… isn't there something about foreign conti-teams not even being allowed to ride HC races?
up to two foreign conti teams are allowed to participate in 2.HC Europe Tour races (since 2018, I think). No idea why there are three of them in this one though.

Hurom and Joker were around last year as well. This time they also added Uno-X
It would have been nice to see Matti Breschel in this race - the rider with most stage wins in the history of the race (and yet never a victory in the general classification). 2019 will be his last season as a professional.