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Tour of the Alps 2024 (April 15 - 19)

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Stage 5 is an up and down affair on the same climb, so can Lopez hang on to the GC lead? Only 118 km so fast and furious and hopefully no crashes.

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As Eddy Evenepoel outlines, an in-form Foss staying with Lopez, Paret-Peintre and Tiberi is not the most preposterous proposition in cycling. Especially given how strong he looked on yesterday's short and steep stuff. Unless there's something wrong with him, I expect a better showing tomorrow. The more gentle slopes should be to his liking.
Folks here massively overrate Foss. When they race themselves, the likes of Tiberi, the Paret-Peintre brothers, Storer or Juan Pedro López always smoke him on serious climbs like yesterday.

If 9th place is an "absolutely no result", then you are discussion completely different things than the rest of us... No one is arguing that Foss performances in this Giro was a relevant for fighting to win a Grand Tour or to even podium.
People are saying that Foss at his best (in that Giro) showed that he can climb at a level that means he should be able to be relevant in stage races with weaker starting fields (like this Tour of the Alps) or maybe getting close to another top 10 in a GT (and if someone is arguing that a rider can possibly fight for a top 10 in a GT, then an actual GT top 10 is a very relevant result)..
Context matters.

You seem to be arguing about a completely different topic than the one I mentioned. 9th place in the Giro is nothing because no serious team or rider cares about that place. Many riders could have done as well or better in such a weak Giro field, but they prefer either stage hunting or simply being on domestique duty.

Yeah "context matters", but you seem to struggle with understanding it. The fact that Foss was once in the top 10 in the Giro means nothing in relation to his results in a stage race like the Tour of the Alps. The field is weak, but even the previously mentioned C-list climbers better than Foss on the serious climbs. So I don't really have any idea why you're of the opinion that Foss should be relevant in this race.