Velo d’Or 2023

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Who will win?

  • MVDP

    Votes: 49 41.9%
  • Vingo

    Votes: 25 21.4%
  • Roglic

    Votes: 10 8.5%
  • Pog

    Votes: 27 23.1%
  • Remco

    Votes: 6 5.1%

  • Total voters
I'd better fish my ballot out of the well again and reassign it to this nature boy.

I hope there will be plenty more GTs where he faces better GT riders who are not prone to crashes or illness, but who he nevertheless has a firm belief in being able to defeat, before he meets a wall, which he wants to do.

For a similar show of revenge that can be observed on the Iberian Peninsula, one has to look for a long time. And you can only love it.

And give him a medal of valor in addition to this curious new title.
But well, it's a twitter-like world we've entered, so why not.
Not giving it to a WC+double monument season in a year without any further GT/monument combinations would be ludicrous. Only a (rather hypothetical) Vingegaard Lombardia win would be a valid reason to swing this away from VdP, and even then I'd value the first WC+double monument season in 18 years over the first Tour+monument season in 2.
Vingegaard has practically had the best possible stage race season with only 1 big win, MvdP on the other hand only has his three big wins and a 2nd place in Ronde.
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MvdP is a shoe in surely. I understand the argument for Vingegaard, but then you have to place his entire Vuelta in context and I also don't really think that flies very much for Velo d'Or, and the same argument would then go for Roglic.
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