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Watching today I'm not sure how he makes this happen without surprising us with nuclear legs.

The descending isn't hard so any smaller gaps are going to be hard to defend on technique alone.

We've seen him do it before but it'll need all his racing instinct to find a way to a result :(

Anyway, Forza Vincenzo!
Level wise I'd settle for a top 10 or something in anticipation of Il Giro.

In reality, he'll mention something to Van Aert and Fuglsang about Roglic' trophy cabinet while he takes off in a suddenly appearing mist.
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I need an expert like @LaFlorecita. Does he look skinny enough? Do you see enough veins?

Is this what it felt like to be a Contador fan post 2015?
IMO they're distinctively different I feel that with Contador you knew form would be there way in advance, so every *** prep race meant something. With Nibali, any half okay prep race is good and I'll take the magical moments as they come.
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Nice, and the second post questions whether a thread is deserved, just like for GVA.

I'm not at all a Nibali fan either. I liked him a little until 2012 when he screwed Sagan in MSR, then he stopped showing up more than once a year i. 2014 and I stopped caring about him.


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