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General News Thread

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Yesh both the the local lap and the first part have some stretches of exposed roads. Hopefully the wind is not too strong for the race to take place.

Feel like at least a shortening is coming if it those weather prediction actually become true

Luckily not that much wind around Siena this week for now. Riders and organisation would probably already be scared given what happened a few years ago on one of the sectors.
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Ah, it has been reserved for the inaugural Women's edition:



Ladies and gentlemen, a miracle has occurred: Catalunya has a really nice route. It gets the pacing right, it has good mountain stages, it finally introduces the mighty Coll de Pradell, it only has one proper sprint stage, really the only thing it doesn't have is a TT.

Pogačar could win 5 or 6 stages with this kind of route but he will probably just go for 2 or 3.

Also good to see another race with a women's edition.
Taco van der Hoorn still not able to race almost 11 months after his concussion from a crash during a race

Giro di Sicily is dead, long live Giro d'Abruzzo!


  • Tuesday 9 April – Stage 1: Vasto-Pescara, 161 km
  • Wednesday 10 April – Stage 2: Alanno-Magliano de’ Marsi, 161 km
  • Thursday 11 April – Stage 3: Pratola Peligna-Prati di Tivo, 163 km
  • Friday 12 April – Stage 4: Montorio al Vomano-L’Aquila, 169 km

Route d’Occitanie cancelled for 2024.
Usually mid-June, a lower key TdF warm-up. Blame being put on the Olympics: not a direct clash, but I guess lots of agencies have cancelled all leave during the event, so maybe extra staff taking this time instead, or involved in pre-games operational exercises.

Or maybe they have simply run out of people called C Rodriguez to come second to Woods.

Route d’Occitanie cancelled for 2024.
The Olympics have messed up this year (together with the farmers). Good news is,
"We look forward to seeing you from 19 to 22 June 2025, for the 48th edition of the Route d'Occitanie."
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I'm guessing that all the Cav and Jasper Philipsen fans will be rushing out to buy Kylie Jenner's (her of "The Kardashians" fame) latest contribution to civilization "Sprinter" - vodka soda in a can!
Still laughing. And the star power of tequila is also comical. You can get bottom shelf tequila for a 750ml for $6-7 usd..and they don't try and play games with the bottle, no fancy label or box, standard top. Then celebrities, who only go to Los Cabos( Cabo San Lucas) all act like they are in touch and introduce a tequila brand that is same or similar product to bottom end rot gut but use Gucci packaging, super beautiful bottles and labels, cool top made of wood or stone, crystal glass shape to look expensive. Scam alert!!
And these soda drinks are the same, all about distribution and catchy art work on the can!! And once you are of a certain age, you know what you like to drink, a variety pack usually means you get a can of what you want and 3 undesirable cans of weak vodka mix that smells and tastes like an annoying urinal cake!! These celebrities can sell anything!!