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Dec 22, 2021
That's a bit crap to see Worst and Betsema out. After Brand/Vos they were the most likely contenders. Wonder can Alvarado step up. Any word on which race Vas is doing?
Alvaredo looked really close to her best a few races ago but then has seemed off the pace in the past few races so don’t know what’s going on there.


Leone, Toneatti e Lucia Bramati, and Persico
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She totally did. First lap, first climb! She really needs to step up to the u23 ranks to find some competition.
She was planning on competing as an elite for the British Nationals, but then caught covid.

Pretty much expected results on the podium. I was expecting more from the US riders and also Holmgren, but it was a good battle behind for fourth with Maclean Howell close to catching Molengraaf.
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Hats off to Vos who lectured Brand in road racing tactics. Clearly Brand was stronger but had no real plan for breaking Vos. In fact maybe there was no such plan that could have been devised. Vos is the Boss!

Junior men. That’s a wow. The Swiss rider went down, came back, showed off a couple of wheelies, tried to break away, pulled his full share, sprinted too early but nipped it in the three man sprint. Great spirit. Well done!
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