Rujano can win this Giro, believes Savio

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jens_attacks said:
well maybe not 100% serious but that doesn't mean that i wouldn't like it to happen.

rujano still can save his carreer and talent i think.
kash and turbo diesel can definitely ride with the cyclotourists i guess, they made their choice. cobo...god knows.
There's only one Turbo Diesel and she retired seven years ago.
May 28, 2012
jens_attacks said:
thanks netserk . rujano looked bigger that way...his only chance

man i pray that matxin will sign him for 2015.
Perhaps Wanty still need a co-leader for GT's together with Francis de greef. Hilaire has his number.
I have only seen Top-3 and a short report myself!

1. Jose Rujano

2. Sergio Godoy (He was riding fabulous. 1500 meters from the line, he had an small accident and lost his rhythm and maybe the chance to dismantle Roberto Richeze from overall GC).

3. Rubén Rojas
Sep 8, 2010
1 José Rujano VEN (Municipalidad de Guaymallen) 2:53:07
2 Sergio Godoy ARG (San Luis Somos Todos) 0:31
3 Ruben Rojas ARG (C.E.C.) 1:29
4 Sebastian di Feo ARG (C.E.C.) 1:42
5 Gilver Zurita BOL (Yaco Competición) 2:14
6 Juan Pablo Dotti ARG (Municipalidad de Guaymallen) 3:12
7 Alejandro Duran ARG (C.E.C.) 3:48
8 Roberto Richeze ARG (Municipalidad de Guaymallen) 3:50
9 Luciano Montiveros ARG (Municipalidad de Guaymallen) 4:05
10 Patricio Almonacid CHI (Selección de Chile) 4:11

Richeze leads overall with Godoy at 1:18 and Almonacid at 1:57, Rujano is fifth at 4:39.
Mar 25, 2013
Anybody know anything about this guy.

Savio is convinced that the 19-year-old Carlos Jiménez, who will join Androni as a stagiaire later this season, could be his next diamond in the rough. In fact, Savio has already signed him to a four-year contract.

“He is very much like José Rujano, who I also discovered, but, fortunately, Jimenez has a very different mentality than Rujano. Rujano is a man of low moral character, and treated us badly. In fact, I kicked him off the team, and we do not have any more contact with him,” Savio said. “We call Jimenez ‘Rujanito’ (Little Rujano), but fortunately, he’s nothing like Rujano off the bike.”