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Teams & Riders Tadej Pogačar discussion thread

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Nah TT equipment is so much better these days.

Thing is, either you take them at face value, and then Indurain did higher W/kg but slower TTs or you look at them compared to their own era amd then Pogi is simply the superior climber

And tbh I dont know too many of the Indurain climbing records
In the evaluation of how strong a rider is, training methods, nutrition etc. are baked in. We cannot disentangle how strong a rider would be if he trained otherwise, and even if we could, that wouldn't meaningfully answer who the strongest rider is of all time. The bike on the other hand is not the rider, and a better bike (or speedsuit) doesn't make you a better rider. Even putting that aside, I don't think Pogi is faster on the flat than Indurain was, but it would help if he made an attempt for the hour-record. And of course, faster on the flat doesn't only boil down to speed in flat ITTs, but also on the road bike.

The question here is clearly not about relative strength, as then Merckx is far ahead of Pogi.
Indurain was highly benefited by Tour's route in the 90's. First week was a walk in the park, with 2 TT and a lot of flat stages. We only had 2 or 3 hard mountain stages in the race. In today's era, Indurain would not win 5 Tours and 2 Giros. If we want to talk about the perfect GT rider, we have to look to Armstrong. Not Indurain, not Froome (at all).
Most likely, in a gedankenexperiment Indurain wouldn't win a Tour today.

Just like it's likely that a Tour today with the lenght of TT from the past would favour Remco.
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while you are talking nonsense, Pog is destroying the TT in Sierra Nevada and teaching the guys from Ineos how he will destroy their asses if they try to attack him at the Giro
Yeah, so much nonsense of being stuck in the past. We are seeing the GOAT race and people just can never enjoy anything or let anyone else enjoy something in peace. Some real suckers.
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Mar 12, 2024
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Asked by Cycling Weekly at the Volta a Catalunya whether he’s starting to think about his place in history, Pogačar nodded and said: “Yeah. Now I have arrived at this point where I really strive to be the best ever.”
very unlike pogacar, he is quite reserved and shy to talk such boldly. It seems he has realized this year he is gonna be on another level but he can't tell us everything. He is giving a hint for whats to come. Meanwhile people in this thread are still arguing about indurain pogacar😄
Indurain was never annihilated in Grand Tours, especially in the Tour de France, like Pogacar was in the last 2 years, so i think it's unfair for Indurain. Indurain was a better GT rider, at least for now.

Out of Indurain's first 10 GTs he DNF-ed half of them and never made it to the top10 in the GC.
Pogacar's GTs so far: 3rd, 1st, 1st, 2nd, 2nd.