Team Ineos Discussion thread

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Both. Does look worse for G, and I think it would logically indicate that for Froome it's not all about that injury
Agree that it does not look great. However if I was to hazard a guess Thomas may be ridding to a plan. Certainly today’s comments by Rasch suggested Thomas was saving himself for tomorrow (presumably to get into a break). I guess time will tell.
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The Ineos domestiques seem to be performing just fine. It's the leaders (except Bernal) who are struggling.

If Bernal futher struggles with his back problem they may well elevate Sivakov to protected rider.
So I wasn't expecting that. No Birtish rider at all for the Tour de France team, no Geraint and no Froome. The Movistar patended "the three amigos" strategy is no more.
The Brit amigos are out of shape but if you look closely they are given another chance while Carapaz was demoted to gregario and basically stripped of any chance to double up on a Grand Tour win this year.