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The Caleb Ewan Thread

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If it was for me Id put a rule to remove wins from sprinters if they dont expose a good reason (injury, etc) to leave a GT.
Yeah, make an absolute mess of stage winners statistics because someone is outraged with a rider quitting a race.

And how do you define a good reason? Is feeling unwell a good reason? How are you going to prove you feeling unwell is a real thing and not an excuse? Or maybe you want to force riders to continue not being sure if they have a serious health issue ongoing? Do you penalise them afterwards if the doctors fail to find anything?

Missing on potential opportunities and prize money (I don't know about Giro but TdF gives prize money to all riders who finish the race) later in the race and not being able to start any race that takes place before the race you've abandoned ends seems like a reasonable enough prevention for riders quitting for no good reason. If someone decides to quit anyway, whell, what are you going to do? Professional sport is tough and dangerous, you should not force a rider to finish a race if they don't want to because you're never going to be sure if their wellbeing is far from optimal or they just pretend.
I will admit that I was impressed with his plan to ride 3GTs because I naively imagined he was going to try to finish them.

Petacchi only finished the Vuelta when he did it 2003, so I certainly didn't expect Ewan to make it to Milan.

Ok, I can see that Petacchi was actually OTL in the Giro at a point where he was guaranteed to win the maglia ciclamino, so that was obviously not intentional.
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If he was to drop out after stage 7 of each tour he'd have ridden the equivalent of 1 GT..... without the mountains.

In my opinion riding and finishing all three would be a more impressive achievement than picking up a win in the first couple of stages of each.

Sure, but if it ever were to be done again (Pierino Baffi did it in 1958, while Miguel Poblet didn't finish any of the GTs in 1956), I wouldn't put my money on a sprinter, who's getting his ass kicked in the mountains. 2016 Valverde definitely had a chance to do it, but were hampered a bit by having Quintana in his team.
Sagan would probably be the sprinter with the best chance, but I don't see that ever happening with all the other races you'd expect him to ride.
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I donot think its a big deal to abandon a GT after the sprint stages for a sprinter. But to do a micro Pinot TDF19 is too much to take. Yesterday the guy was sprinting like no tommorrow and today in the first part of the race he develops knee pain!!!

Wait... do you believe he had knee pain, or not? Are you calling it a "micro Pinot", because you think that - unlike Pinot - he didn't actually have (serious) pain?
Two points:

1- He alluded to probably leaving today so that puts his knee pain into question. I mean it seems strange that the day he pointed to was the day that he happened to have a joint issue. Disclaimer: maybe 'we' pointed to today! :)

2- All of these guys, but especially sprinters, must have knee tenderness all of the time. A little inflammation might be enough to go from "maybe I'll pull out" to "I'm out".