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Great article on Bernal.

A reminder of his injuries puts it all into perspective.
fractured vertebrae, a fractured femur, a fractured patella and a punctured lung
On his struggle to regain his old level.....
Physically, it was very difficult, because I wasn’t the best version of myself and I was suffering quite a lot,” Bernal explains “But every time I had a moment where I was struggling mentally, I’d remind myself, ‘I’m alive,’ and that was already a win for me
He’s done very well to even get back to this level but is it fair to say his role in the biggest races is unlikely to be anything more than climbing domestique/stage hunter?
Well I think today was definitely the best we’ve seen from him since the accident. Was desperately hoping he could hold on and beat Jonas in the sprint but not quite to be. Still a very promising ride though.