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Teams & Riders Tom Dumoulin discussion thread

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Roglic being classy, as usual:

‘Too soon’ – Primoz Roglic praises ‘big champion’ Tom Dumoulin after retirement decision - Eurosport

Speaking to Eurosport's TheCycling Show, Roglic said you “never want to lose the big names” but was glad Dumoulin was at peace with the decision.
“I have to say he’s a super nice guy, super friendly. And the retirement is a thing that is waiting for everyone at one point,” said Roglic.
“It’s just nice actually that he found the answers to some questions that he had for some years at the end and that he can enjoy his life.
“Also for the cycling world, he was a big champion. And you never want to lose the big names. It’s too soon for the big guys to leave or to stop at one moment.”

This was to me his best moment, even more so than the World ITT title or final Giro win. Such an awesome performance up Oropa. Gave me chills. Together with Cumbre del Sol.
To me, his Giro ride in 2018 was stronger than in 2017.. Frankly, had he been alone in the Sappada and Finestre stages, he wins that Giro, I think.. And he'd be only a crash from Thomas (not the hardest thing to happen) away from the double.

Gave us a great moments, including THAT image, which was kinda telling even back then tbh.

Anyway, be good in afterlife, Tom.
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Dumoulin was one of my favourite riders since the 2015 Vuelta. After his amazing 2018 season where he was second in the both the Giro and the Tour, I was fairly sure that he would win more than one Grand Tour but sadly his career took a turn for the worse the next year and he was never the same GT rider anymore. When it become clear that his GC days were gone I still hoped that he would reinvent himself as a top TT, that he never stop to be and a classics rider but sadly his mind has other plans.

In the end, I think that he was a product of the circumstances and I wish him all the best on his post-cycling life.
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Wow! I didn’t expect that. PCS has him on the start list for the Tour of Denmark tomorrow.

It was quite obvious after last autumn. His athlete mindset already took extremely hard hit in that destroyer tt of Pogi, in the Tour. Next wave of gt athletes drove over many of these guys and if whoever wants to be chief number 3 or 4 when team says it's 1 or 2 only, well....
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