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World Championships Bergen 2017 - Road Race U23 (22.09.)

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Der Effe said:
janraaskalt said:
Still a lot of rain predicted for this afternoon? Won't be a bunch sprint then, giving more chances for stronger guys. There are a couple of pros, which must be favorites, but Riabushenko would be my top pick.

I'd go for Riabushenko as well if Albanese doesn't make it. I am watching the Women's Junior race at the moment and it's raining. Could be an awesome race. U23-race is usually better than the pro borefest anyway.
Those two are my favourites as well. The Danes and Benjamin Thomas would be dangerous in a late move. Philipsen and Jakobsen are quite durable and could survive for a reduced sprint. They're normally faster than Riabu and Albanese, but maybe not after a hard race.