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Carlos Betancur discussion thread

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ILovecycling said:
DBotero said:
I'm curious how he'll show up this time.Maybe he found some spare time for riding his bike :eek:
I doubt that, I saw only pics with his baby or beer :D, also friend of mine reported that he was seen in some local carnival :D :cool:
I'll be shocked if he learned on his own how to be disciplined!

He has to be forced in order to be successful. Something that does not go well with any manager.
Re: Re:

Zinoviev Letter said:
Escarabajo said:
Zinoviev Letter said:
If he really has hit the bandeja paisa again, anyone signing him would surely have to insist that he move fulltime to Europe for the duration of his contract, family and all.
They have bandejas paisas in Spain! :D

They could insist he live in Norway and eat only herring.

I want to see him on some brutally long training sessions in Stavanger with Kristoff.
So he's getting ready for the Vuelta.