fantasy doping draft

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the sceptic said:
I think I'd pick 2009 because of the ITT, but I guess he was quite strong in 2007 as well so it's close.

I had one or two more ahead of Contador but he was first of the modern riders on my list.

Anyway, Zlev is up.

Exactly why I picked 2009, his best TTing as far as I know and he was dominate in the mountains when he needed to be.
Jul 21, 2012
I almost took Pantani at #3 but figured he probably wouldn't gain enough time in the mountains to make up for the ITTs. But still, he is easily the best climber in the EPO era imo and you're pretty much guaranteed stage wins and a high place on the GC.
With the 6th pick of the fantasy doping draft, I select Bjarne Riis a.k.a. Mr. %60. (1996 Tour)


Well, this picture needs no explanation as he was busy braking his power meter while demonstrating the most impressive climbing performance ever on Hautacam. A week before, he simply soloed whole stage to Sestriere while averaging 39 km(!) per hour. Apart from this two extraterrestrial performances, he did really well in the first time trial by finishing second only to jet-fueled Berzin and he was probably strongest in the stage to Pamplona, which put final nail into Big Mig's coffin.

He struggled in the final time trial due to medical reasons(I guess), which won't be a factor in his contest, so he's free to fly on all cylinders and take on other mutants.

Round 1
Pick 1: Libertine Seguros - Miguel Indurain (1995 Tour)
Pick 2: The Hitch - Lance Armstrong (2004 Tour de France)
Pick 3: The Sceptic - Jan Ullrich (1997 TDF)
Pick 4: The Green Monkey - Alberto Contador (2009 TDF)
Pick 5: zlev11 - Marco Pantani (1999 Giro)
Pick 6: burning - Bjarne Riis (1996 Tour)

The Hitch said:
Pantani was arguably at his best in 1997 if not 95 already considering 97 he got the alpe record, but 97 ullrich still beat him overall and easy so I would take ulle over pirata
He wasn't very consistent in 1997, though.

As for the record, I'm not sure how you guys are accounting for that kind of thing. In terms of raw watts, 2009 Contador can't hold a candle to pre-1997 contenders, but I imagine relative superiority over their contemporaries counts for something here.
I would have chosen the '99 Giro for Pantani. But it can go many ways, if you take strenght of opposition into consideration. After all, destroying the likes of Gotti isn't the same as, for example, beating Ullrich at the '98 TdF. His form at the Alpe d'Huez in '97 is also stuff of legend.

I would have picked Pantani or Bjarne at #9, and was becoming hopeful that one would still be available. :mad: There was a third one in the mix for me, I bet he'll be overlooked ;) .
Well, if we're going to take relative dominance into consideration, there can be no doubt about the next pick. I, Netserk, pick RoboBasso (Giro '06) to lead my team.


Although his poor descending is a drawback, his pure power is so absurd that I couldn't ignore him. Winning flat stages in the Post Danmark Rundt ahead of Greipel, podium or winning flat TTs and generally gearing up to a level so high that Lance had to retire, I believe this Basso is the best we have seen since Pantani '99. As evidence of the extreme level of 2006, you just have to see the overall times on Alpe where a Landis taking it easy and just following Ulle's dom only was half a minute away from probably Lance's best MTF. Imagine where a Basso would be on that list, pushed to the max by Ullrich in his best shape since his Tour win and probably leading the race at that point. When their doms can perform so well, holy shiit is all you can say about the general state of affairs.

1. 1995: 36:40 Marco Pantani 22.58 km/h
2. 1997: 36:53 Marco Pantani 22.45 km/h
3. 1994: 37:15 Marco Pantani 22.23 km/h
4. 2004: 37:36 Lance Armstrong 22.02 km/h
5. 1997: 37:40 Jan Ullrich 21.98 km/h
6. 2001: 38:03 Lance Armstrong 21.76 km/h
7. 1995: 38:04 Miguel Indurain 21.75 km/h
8. 1995: 38:04 Alex Zulle 21.75 km/h
9. 1995: 38:06 Bjarne Riis 21.73 km/h
10. 1997: 38:20 Richard Virenque 21.60 km/h
11. 1995: 38:34 Laurent Madouas 21.47 km/h
12. 2006: 38:35 Floyd Landis 21.46 km/h
13. 2006: 38:35 Andreas Klöden 21.46 km/h

14. 2004: 38:40 Jan Ullrich 21.41 km/h
15. 1994: 38:55 Richard Virenque 21.28 km/h
16. 2006: 39:00 Carlos Sastre 21.23 km/h

Since this is a fantasy draft, I will ask if I instead of his Giro can pick his Tour form that year, but I guess that would be highly speculative ;)

Round 1
Pick 1: Libertine Seguros - Miguel Indurain (1995 Tour)
Pick 2: The Hitch - Lance Armstrong (2004 Tour de France)
Pick 3: The Sceptic - Jan Ullrich (1997 TDF)
Pick 4: The Green Monkey - Alberto Contador (2009 TDF)
Pick 5: zlev11 - Marco Pantani (1999 Giro)
Pick 6: burning - Bjarne Riis (1996 Tour)
Pick 7: Netserk - RoboBasso (2006 Giro)
Aug 31, 2012
Very good pick. I wish he would have shown up in that form at a Tour. There aren't many truly formidable GC leaders now. Perhaps only one
With '90 Bugno already picked, I can only think of another truly obvious pick. I wonder who'll get him. Maybe people have forgotten he existed. A latecomer that is very often overlooked in this kind of conversation. :p
With the 9th overall pick, team "La Vie Pas Claire" picks:

The 1994 Giro winner: Evgeni Berzin.

IMO, the only remaining rider in this draft who can win it all against loaded Migs, Wonderboy, Il Pirata, or Mr. 60%. Why? Because he did it. At the '94 Giro, he outclassed Pantani (2nd) and Indrain (3rd). In his book, Matt Rendell published data showing Pantani at 58% hematocrit, Big Mig was the twice defending champion. They were not at the Giro to build up for the TdF.

Having just won LBL, Berzin was in the form of his life. He never reached that level again, but at the time, so young, he was seen as the next big thing. In a fantasy GT, the '94 Giro Berzin can win every ITT, follow the bests in the mountains. I don't think the best Pantani can mitigate the ITT gap between the two. In '94, in spite of a legendary 15th stage (Stelvio, Mortirollo, Sta. Cristina), he couldn't.

Round 1
Pick 1: Libertine Seguros - Miguel Indurain ('95 TDF)
Pick 2: The Hitch - Lance Armstrong ('04 TDF)
Pick 3: The Sceptic - Jan Ullrich ('97 TDF)
Pick 4: The Green Monkey - Alberto Contador ('09 TDF)
Pick 5: zlev11 - Marco Pantani ('99 Giro)
Pick 6: burning - Bjarne Riis ('96 TDF)
Pick 7: Netserk - Ivan Basso ('06 Giro)
Pick 8: Zam Olyas - Gianni Bugno ('90 Giro)
Pick 9: Tonton - Evgeni Berzin ('94 Giro)
Everything was so easy for Roberto Heras, in the Vuelta a España at least. I liked him a lot for the way he always attacked hard in the mountains. He was always calm and relaxed and never seemed to feel pressure. He did well at the Giro a couple of times. For instance he won the stage from Madonna di Campiglio in 1999, the day Marco Pantani was taken out because of high blood values. For the TDF Heras was never in his best condition and for sure his time as support for Lance Armstrong meant he had less opportunities.

I choose the 2004 Heras in the Vuelta as maybe the best, he was far ahead after the first two weeks and so was not really troubled by Santiago Perez' strong comeback in the final week.

(pictures are too big to show)

I wanted Bugno so have to think of another for my second pick.
Jul 21, 2012
was hoping Heras would last until it was my turn again. damn.

please stop mentioning undrafted riders people, especially ones that I have my eye on :p