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General News Thread

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the so called "stage concept" mentions "shorter stages", "finishing circuits" and "well known routes, including passages of Bundesligarennen and Radmarathons". So maybe that gives an indication?

There's also talk of a "prologue inside the Igler Eiskanal", but I don't think that's an idea for this year.
One could also just make a prologue up the Bergisl to the ski jumping stadium. That would be a more realistic option.
Antonio Tiberi fined €4000 for shooting and killing a San Marino minister's cat with an air rifle.

Hopefully soon out of contract, disgusting

View: https://twitter.com/cyclingpro/status/1630454359732396032?t=WHJY5Y3ARfUbbIsEDOqqFg&s=19
Lol, you're acting like he would've shot a man. Ok that was super stupid from him, but unless he showed any disturbing behaviours in the peleton I don't see a reason why this event should determine his cycling career. He admitted himself guilty, he will face the consequences as a private person, end of story.
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Disgusting??? Is it any worse than the removal of other pests (I don’t know the circumstances here)?
Tiberi shot the cat in the skull from close range to test his air-rifle, and killed it. It's a disgusting behaviour and is not that of a mentally sound person.

It's bizarre that you are even trying to debate this. You must have not a lot going on this morning
I find hunting in general a weird hobby, but at least it's something that many do because they've been doing it with their fathers or something and in the end the animals are usually eaten. He didn't plan to eat the cat, was he? Honestly, it's just the behaviour of an extremely unpleasant person, and although on the one side it's his private behaviour, cycling pays their riders to bring positive attention to their sponsors, so I agree with search, it could be possible to suspend him.