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The 2024 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

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I might have sent him a small paycheck this morning! ;)

Curious to see if my Pidcock/Tiberi/Poole trifecta can outscore your Ayuso in this race. I need to start eating into that massive gap you have.
Yes hopefully someone can close the gap to shalgo. It would be great if we didn't have a third runaway winner in a row (unless it's me again in which case it's totally fine).
At least Ayuso didn´t look like a 3000 pointer today, which gives as non-Ayuso owners at least a bit hope.
Still finished second neverless, but he definitly wasn´t the second strongest climber today..
It was after the mountains in this very race in 2022 that I said I was perfectly happy not having Evenepoel. For the sake of my team's success, it would be beneficial if your statement ages equally poorly.
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Sure. +2000 will do just fine.
Yes, it's more likely than not that he will have 600+ after just 11 race days. Assuming he avoids any injuries, difficult to see anyone winning without him this year?

The rest of my team continue the general trend of mediocrity:

Poole - Fanboy pick that doesn't look like working out unless he starts doing some one-day races. Chose someone in the wrong year of their development, again.

Vauquelin - Just confirming that he isn't a WT GC rider. Hopefully, Arkea will alter his schedule accordingly, but unlikely given the composition of their team.

D.Martinez - refusing to believe just yet, that he's going to disappear for the rest of the season?
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